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Tools and practices to find your ground and rise up rooted

Young people of all ages can benefit from mindfulness, the simple practice of coming back to center and bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment.


Whether you’re a young adult seeking inner stability and new pathways for growth, a teen or tween ready to raise your voice and mindfully advocate for yourself, or the parent of a young child interested in integrating mindfulness into your child’s life early on, my range of youth services offer something to fit every need.


All sessions are held virtually, at my home office in Pinole, or in the comfort of your own home.

Mindflness for Kid

Mindfulness for Kids

Children are some of our wisest teachers. Effortlessly modeling how to play, how to love, how to laugh, how to cry when it hurts. They feel and experience the world fully and are more aware of the happenings going on around them than they are often credited.


For over six years, I’ve taught mindfulness and social emotional skills to children ages preschool to third grade and am continuously amazed at the capacity, willingness and excitement these little ones show for exploring these new skills. They dive right in!


What’s even better is the positive impact these new tools and techniques have on their lives. The difference is almost immediately noticeable.


Mindfulness for Kids is all about engaging our little ones with fun activities that captivate their imaginations and help them cultivate self awareness and social emotional skills early on that will support them throughout their lives. In each 45-minute session, we’ll explore songs and chants, play with puppets, tell stories and head outdoors for a nature walk or some mindful movement and yoga.


I meet my little ones exactly where they are at, treat them as the wise ones they are and teach them about mindfulness in a playful yet meaningful way.


Mindfulness Skills and Areas of Focus Include:

  • Mindful Communication: Learn to use “I” statements and how to identify and communicate needs

  • Mindful Emotions: Learn how to identify and name emotions

  • Mindful Thinking: Learn how to notice and name thoughts

  • Mindful Choices: Learn how to mindfully respond to thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations

  • Mindful Body Awareness: Learn how to listen to and engage with the body

  • Mindful Sitting: Learn how to create a mindful sitting practice

  • Heartfulness: Learn practices to be kind and caring to yourself and others


Every child can benefit from mindfulness! Schedule a consultation call today to get started.


Mindfulness Mentorship for Teens and Young Adults:

Tools and Practices to Find Your Ground and Rise Up Rooted

At a time when most youth begin to pull back, my goal is to encourage them to lean in.


Mindfulness Mentorship for Teens and Young Adults  uses a one-on-one coaching model to create a safe, compassionate space free of judgement for young people to voice their experiences, build an empowered relationship to their emotions and inner wisdom and learn valuable skills and techniques for navigating life’s challenges.


The mentor/mentee relationship offers a meaningful, long-term and stable connection that is wholly focused on the wellbeing, vitality and development. It is a constant source of encouragement that can be particularly life-giving at this complex time.


Being a teenager is CHALLENGING. And being the parent of a teenager can be challenging, too. Fights can flair, distance can spread and the old ways of connecting don’t work any more. It can be heartbreaking.

Investing in yourself and in cultivating a mindfulness practice can make all the difference and send an empowering ripple through the whole family system.


I see mindfulness as an empowerment tool that can help:

  • Learn how to compassionately work with worry and anxiety

  • Discover and come into ownership of their gifts

  • Develop a sense of value, worth and belonging

  • Access their own inner wisdom and resources

  • Advocate for their beliefs and needs


Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention with love, compassion and kindness to what’s here - now, in the present moment. I like to think of mindfulness as a light. It helps us illuminate and see what’s present in our inner and outer worlds.


Especially today, with the demanding, highly distracted and fast pace of our culture and the many ways in which social media is radically impacting how our youth are relating to themselves, others and the world, it is more important than ever to create space for our young people to slow down, connect with who they are and learn valuable tools to express themselves fully.

While outcomes such as increased academic success and positive behavioral shifts are wonderful results that can come through mentorship and mindfulness, my mentorship work focuses on the process over the results.

I value the unique unfolding of each of my young people and prioritize whole person development over performance or results-driven outcomes. The invitation is to cultivate a new way of being rather than to learn mindfulness as a means to an end.

If you would like further information or want to set up a consultation

appointment for your child, please reach out.

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